Remarkable Growth of Mandurah’s Economy

The City of Mandurah has made considerable progress during the last few years making it among the fastest rising outer uptown areas in Australia. It belongs to the National Growth Areas Alliance which seeks support of the government for metropolitan regional councils. This coalition is made up of roughly 3.6 million residents or 25 percent of the country’s urban population.

Some major challenges of Mandurah include sustaining economic expansion and its budding identity as the biggest regional city of Western Australia. The city government has set its sights on meaningful programs such as a unique Social Infrastructure Plan. This entails comprehensive planning for the community infrastructure’s outlook given a fast-growing populace. The business sector is expected to play a significant role. At present, Mandurah is teeming with multinational corporations specifically in the retail, hospitality and technology industries. Service-oriented enterprises such as web design and reputation management firms also handle business requirements in the city.

The City Council initiated a Reconciliation Action Plan and collaborates with different community associations. This is meant to foster cooperation with various sectors to develop esteem, relationships and opportunities. Mandurah also created a totally operational and independent tourism organization known as Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organization or MAPTO. This is one of the primary approaches aimed at rejuvenating the local economy in line with its wide-ranging tourism strategy from 2011until 2016. It seeks to achieve a coordinated regional policy for tourism initiatives in the city as well as the Peel Region.

MAPTO was the outcome of extensive research related to best-practice tourism organizations across the country. It was implemented to promote tourist arrivals and develop capabilities of tourism operators in Mandurah. Meanwhile, the local government strives to make sure that infrastructure is always in step with the rapid growth of population. Projected improvement programs include the renovation of Old Mandurah Bridge together with the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

The City administration obtained a two-million funding from the Australian Community Energy Efficiency Program. This was earmarked for the installation of geothermal heating at the aquatic and recreation facility. There has been broad community discussion for the Eastern Foreshore restoration. The Council continues to work for the economic enhancement of Mandurah and meet demands of the local residents. Solidarity and cooperation remain a main concern among the people of Mandurah. This is despite the national economic slump, budget issues and other ongoing challenges.